Effects of Lavender and Geranium Scalp Hair Cosmetic Scent on Brain Waves

    February 2022
    Yeon-Soo Pyo, ⋅Yeon-Ja Jung
    TLDR Lavender scent in shampoo can relax and help with memory, while geranium scent can make you more alert and improve memory.
    The study investigated the effects of lavender and geranium scents in shampoo on brain waves through EEG tests. The results showed that the scent of lavender in cosmetics activates alpha waves in various brain areas, leading to body and mind stabilization and a short-term memory effect. On the other hand, the scent of geranium resulted in strong brain wave activation, particularly in the laryngeal lobe, leading to intensified awakening and strong memory effects. These findings are significant for the development of beauty cosmetics based on human physiology.
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