Desideratum dermatologicum--cause and control of premenstrual acne flare

    David A. Fisher
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    TLDR Taking a small dose of prednisone before menstruation can almost completely prevent premenstrual acne with few side effects.
    In 2000, Dr. David A. Fisher reported that administering a physiologic dose of corticosteroids, specifically 5 mg of prednisone, starting about 10 days before menstruation and stopping at the onset of menses, was nearly 100% effective in preventing premenstrual acne flares in his patients, with minimal side effects. However, he noted that this treatment method was not widely recognized in dermatological literature. Fisher highlighted the need for more research, including accurate statistical analysis of premenstrual acne exacerbation and placebo-controlled double-blind studies, to evaluate the effectiveness and side effects of this treatment in a broader population of female acne sufferers, not just those with hyperandrogenism.
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