Dataset from the uniaxial tensile testing of human curly hair fibers under different conditions

    February 2024 in “Data in Brief
    Lebogang Brenda Mathebela, Rudzani Sigwadi, Tetelo Lekwana, Harry Ngwangwa, Thanyani Pandelani, Fulufhelo Ṋemavhola
    TLDR Curly hair's strength and flexibility vary with moisture and temperature.
    The study conducted uniaxial tensile testing on 116 curly hair specimens from an African female in her early 30s. The hair samples were tested under different conditions (dry and wet) and temperatures (25°C and 35°C) at varying strain rates (100.s-1, 10-2. s-1, 10-3. s-1 & 10-4. s-1). The data collected provides insights into the mechanical properties of single curly hair fibers, which is scarce in existing literature. The results demonstrate the mechanical and structural anisotropy of single curly hair fibers under different conditions and temperatures. This data can be used in the development of computational models to study the behavior of single human curly hair fibers in various conditions. However, the study's limitation is its focus on hair samples from a single individual, which may limit the generalizability of the findings.
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