Cutaneous latanoprost in the treatment of alopecia areata

    April 2003 in “Eye
    J.S. Mehta, Jay D. Raman, N.K. Gupta, D Thoung
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    TLDR Applying latanoprost on skin can stimulate hair growth with minimal side effects.
    In 2003, a case study was conducted on an 11-year-old girl with alopecia areata, a condition causing hair loss. After unsuccessful attempts with various treatments, the girl experienced significant eyelash regrowth following daily cutaneous treatment with latanoprost, a prostaglandin analogue. Initial minimal lash growth was observed after 4 weeks, with pronounced growth after 8 weeks. The treatment frequency was reduced to once a week, and after 6 months, the number of eyelashes was maintained without changes in intraocular pressure or iris colour. The study concluded that cutaneous latanoprost application can stimulate hair follicle activation with minimal side effects.
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