Cortexolone 17a-propionate: A new antiandrogen acting on hair dermal papilla cells for the treatment of androgenic alopecia

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    TLDR Cortexolone 17a-propionate may be an effective new treatment for hair loss.
    The document reports on a study evaluating the effectiveness of Cortexolone 17a-propionate (CB-03-01) as a potential treatment for androgenic alopecia by testing its antiandrogenic properties on hair dermal papilla cells (DPCs) in vitro. The study used DPCs from male mice and compared the effects of CB-03-01 and cyproterone acetate (CA) in the presence of dihydrotestosterone (DHT). Results showed that DHT alone significantly inhibited DPC proliferation by up to 32.8%, while CB-03-01 nearly abolished this inhibitory effect, reducing it to only 2.4%. In contrast, CA did not significantly differ from DHT alone, with a reduction of 24.2% in proliferation. The study concluded that CB-03-01 is a potent antagonist of DHT at the DPC level and could be a useful topical treatment for androgenic alopecia, being notably more effective than CA. The study was supported by Cosmo Research and Development, SpA, and Intrepid Therapeutics Inc.
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