Coconut, Castor, and Argan Oil for Hair in Skin of Color Patients: A Systematic Review

    July 2022 in “ PubMed
    Celine Phong, Victor Lee, Katerina Yale, Ching-Hwa Sung, Natasha Atanaskova Mesinkovska
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    TLDR Coconut oil helps with brittle hair and infestations, castor oil may improve hair shine, and argan oil lacks evidence for hair benefits.
    This systematic review analyzed 22 articles to investigate the effects of coconut, castor, and argan oils on hair growth, hair quality, and treatment of infestation, particularly in skin of color patients. The review found that coconut oil has been shown to treat brittle hair and hair infestation, but there is limited evidence regarding its impact on hair growth. Castor oil has weaker evidence for improving hair quality by increasing hair luster, and there is no strong evidence supporting its use for hair growth or treatment of infestation. Argan oil does not have any significant evidence supporting its use to improve hair growth, quality, or treatment of infestation.
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