Allergic contact dermatitis from minoxidil

    May 1995 in “ Contact Dermatitis
    H. Ebner, Ewald Müller
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    TLDR Minoxidil can cause allergic reactions, but testing helps identify the cause.
    The article discusses cases of allergic contact dermatitis caused by the use of topical minoxidil preparations, which are used to treat male-pattern baldness. The reactions were predominantly caused by sensitization to minoxidil, but also to propylene glycol. The article recommends that dermatologists patch test patients to determine whether minoxidil or the vehicle is responsible for the reaction. The article also notes that topical minoxidil preparations have generally been well tolerated, except for some local irritation from the vehicle, and that the continuous use of a topical minoxidil preparation on the scalp reduces increased hair loss in male-pattern baldness and sometimes leads to the formation of new hairs.
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