A community study of male androgenetic alopecia in Bishan, Singapore.

    May 2000 in “PubMed
    Peifu Tang, H P Chia, L. L. Cheong, David Koh
    TLDR In Bishan, Singapore, 63% of men have androgenetic alopecia, a type of hair loss, with rates increasing with age and more common in Indians than Chinese.
    In this study conducted in Bishan, Singapore, researchers aimed to assess the prevalence of male androgenetic alopecia in the community. They conducted a questionnaire-based survey in 335 households, with a response rate of 84%. Out of 378 men who participated, 63% were found to have androgenetic alopecia. The prevalence of the condition increased with age, from 32% among young adults to 100% among those in their 80s. Additionally, more Indians (87%) were affected compared to Chinese (61%). Interestingly, 81% of respondents with androgenetic alopecia did not seek help as they did not view it as a problem. Among those seeking treatment, 74% used non-medical methods of unproven effectiveness. The study concludes that there is a high prevalence of androgenetic alopecia in the community, with age-specific prevalence and racial differences correlating with previous studies.
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