286 Assessment of hair surface roughness by objective analysis

    K. Park, H. Kim, Byungho Oh, E. Lee, J. Ha
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    TLDR Hair care products used for 4 weeks made hair smoother.
    In the study titled "Assessment of hair surface roughness by objective analysis," K Park, H Kim, B Oh, E Lee, and J Ha aimed to quantitatively evaluate the effect of hair care products on hair cuticle roughness. They used HIROX, an imaging system, to analyze the hair surface roughness of 23 female subjects who used the same hair care products daily for 4 weeks. Each subject provided 3 hair samples, and the roughness was measured 3 times per hair sample. The study found a statistically significant decrease in hair surface roughness after 4 weeks of product use, with both visual and quantitative improvements observed. The method developed for this analysis could serve as a new standard for high-quality, quantitative assessment of hair cuticle health.
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