The current role of laser/light sources in the treatment of male and female pattern hair loss

    Marc R. Avram, Robert C. F. Leonard, Edwin M. Epstein, Joseph B. Williams, Alan J. Bauman
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    TLDR Laser/light treatments for hair loss are popular but lack scientific data proving effectiveness.
    This article discusses the use of laser and light-based treatments for male and female pattern hair loss. While there is little scientific data supporting the effectiveness of these treatments, they have become increasingly popular in both medical and non-medical settings. The authors believe that laser/light devices are safe if used properly, but there are no controlled, peer-reviewed studies validating current devices for hair loss. The mechanism of action by which photobiomodulation stops or reverses hair loss is unknown, and there have been no peer-reviewed blinded studies published on hair loss/hair growth. The authors recommend that all patients should be medically evaluated for any hair loss by a physician specialist to rule out other underlying medical conditions or the etiology of hair loss.
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