Spironolactone May be a Cause of Hormonally Associated Vestibulodynia and Female Sexual Arousal Disorder

    July 2019 in “The Journal of Sexual Medicine
    Lloyd G. Mitchell, Vaishnavi Govind, K. Barela, Andrew T. Goldstein
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    TLDR Spironolactone might cause painful intercourse and decreased sexual arousal in women.
    The study provided clinical evidence that spironolactone, a drug often used for androgen-mediated cutaneous disorders, might cause vestibulodynia and female sexual arousal disorder. Researchers reported 7 cases from a vulvar disorders clinic where patients experienced painful intercourse and decreased arousal due to spironolactone. After discontinuing the drug and using an estradiol/testosterone gel, patients saw significant improvement in vulvar atrophy, pain during intercourse, and sexual arousal. The study, however, was not prospective or controlled, which is a limitation. It concluded by stressing the need for medical providers to be aware of these potential sexual side effects when prescribing spironolactone for AMCDs.
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