Association of Risk Factors with Female Pattern Hair Loss

    May 2024 in “Medicine today
    Tanjina Nasrin, Md Abdul Wahab, Lubna Khondker, Rashed Noor
    TLDR Older age, family history, and low iron levels increase the risk of female hair loss.
    In a hospital-based case-control study involving 100 females aged 18 to 45 years, researchers found that age, family history of alopecia, and lower serum ferritin levels are significant risk factors associated with Female Pattern Hair Loss (FPHL). The study, conducted from March 2021 to August 2022, included 30 females with a history of hair loss greater than 6 months as cases and 70 healthy females without a history of hair loss as controls. The mean age of patients with FPHL was 41 years, and the mean duration of hair loss was 26.3 months. Notable findings include that 86.7% of patients with FPHL had low serum ferritin levels (less than 30ng/ml), and 66.7% had low hemoglobin levels (less than 12 µg/l). Multivariate logistic regression analysis showed significant associations of FPHL with older age (Odds Ratio [OR] 2.013), family history of alopecia (OR 1.231), and lower serum ferritin level (OR 1.090).
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