Relative Influence of Ethanol and Propylene Glycol Cosolvents on Deposition of Minoxidil into the Skin

    October 1994 in “Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences
    Shahnaz Tata, Norman D. Weiner, Gordon L. Flynn
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    TLDR Ethanol over 50% helps minoxidil absorb better into skin.
    This study from 28 years ago aimed to determine the influence of ethanol and propylene glycol cosolvents on the deposition of minoxidil into the skin. The results showed that solutions with more than 50% ethanol increased the permeation of minoxidil into and through the skin. The study concluded that data from in vitro studies run in close parallel to data obtained in vivo in circumstances where the stratum corneum is the rate-controlling element of the barrier and clearance is of minimal importance.
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