Micropigmentation as an Adjuvant in Cosmetic Surgery of the Scalp

    February 2001 in “Dermatologic Surgery
    Alvaro C. Traquina
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    TLDR Micropigmentation effectively hides scalp scars with few complications.
    This article discusses the use of micropigmentation as a safe and effective technique for camouflaging scalp scars. A retrospective review of 62 patients treated with micropigmentation showed that the cosmetic improvement was always dramatic and all patients were pleased with the results. The study also found that fading was minimized significantly when seven-cluster needles were used instead of three-cluster needles. Micropigmentation is not recommended for patients with very active and progressive hair loss, and complications are few and usually result from improper technique. Overall, micropigmentation of the scalp is a safe and effective technique providing excellent long-term scar camouflage after scalp surgery.
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