Efficacy and Tolerability of Hairgain® in Individuals with Hair Loss: A Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Study

    E Thom
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    TLDR Hairgain® significantly increased hair growth and was well-tolerated by individuals with hair loss.
    In 2001, a study involving 60 subjects with hair loss, including androgenic alopecia and alopecia totalis, tested the efficacy of Hairgain®, a dietary supplement. Over a 6-month double-blind phase, the group taking Hairgain® experienced a significant 32.4% increase in hair growth, while the placebo group saw negligible change. Satisfaction levels in the treatment group were also significantly higher. In a subsequent 6-month open phase, the average improvement in hair growth reached 63.9%. Subjects who initially received placebo and then switched to Hairgain® for 12 months reported a 60.8% improvement. No side effects were reported, indicating good tolerability. The study suggested that Hairgain® could be an effective treatment for androgenic alopecia, but maintenance treatment might be necessary beyond the initial 12 months.
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