Contact Allergic Dermatitis to Quinine in an Anti-hair Loss Lotion

    January 2010 in “Actas Dermo-Sifiliográficas
    P. Hernández-Bel, J. de la Cuadra-Oyanguren, L. Martínez, José García López, A. Agustí, V. Alegre
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    TLDR A woman was allergic to quinine in her anti-hair loss lotion.
    The document described a case where a 73-year-old woman with androgenic alopecia developed allergic contact dermatitis after using an anti-hair loss lotion containing quinine. Despite using Bio-anagenol shampoo and Lacovin alongside Kavel lotion for 13 years, she experienced pruritic and impetiginous papulovesicular dermatitis. Her condition improved with corticosteroids, prednisone, antihistamines, and antibiotics. Patch testing showed a strong positive reaction to quinine hydrochloride in the lotion, which was not observed in 20 control subjects. The patient's symptoms ceased after she stopped using the lotion. The case emphasizes quinine as a potential allergen in hair loss treatments and the need for the pharmaceutical industry's involvement in diagnosing such reactions.
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