Biotechs target stagnant baldness market

    February 2016 in “Nature Biotechnology
    C. D. Schmidt
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    TLDR New drug shows promise for better hair growth in baldness treatment.
    In 2016, Samumed reported positive phase 2 trial results for SM04554, a drug aimed at treating male-pattern baldness, with 300 participants showing increased hair density and improved hair quality without serious side effects. This marked a potential breakthrough in a market dominated by limited options like Propecia and Rogaine, which only slow hair loss. Samumed's drug, which stimulates hair growth by upregulating WNT activity, differs from traditional treatments that focus on anti-androgen effects. Other companies, such as Allergan, were also developing new therapies, though experts warned that a complete cure for baldness was unlikely and effectiveness would vary among individuals.
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