Aesthetic Facial Surgery of Male Patients: Demographics and Market Trends

    November 2005 in “Facial Plastic Surgery
    John Holcomb, Richard D. Gentile
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    TLDR Men are an untapped market for facial cosmetic procedures, with a rise in nonsurgical treatments and potential for growth in older age groups.
    The document from 2005 analyzed data from 2000 to 2004 and found that while men underwent fewer aesthetic facial surgeries than women, they showed a trend towards more nonsurgical procedures like Botox. Men were as likely as women to have multiple procedures, with the majority being in the 40- to 59-year-old age group. Surgical hair restoration and otoplasty were exceptions where men underwent procedures as frequently as women. The 60- to 79-year-old demographic was expected to grow, suggesting a potential increase in demand. AAFPRS physicians performed more procedures than ASAPS physicians across all categories. The study concluded that men represent a significant untapped market for aesthetic facial enhancements, and targeted marketing could increase service utilization. The importance of better data collection and patient education was also emphasized to keep up with emerging trends.
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