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    Maxogen-X by MinoxidilMax is a topical solution designed for hair growth. Each unit contains 60 mL, sufficient for two months with one application per day. The product includes 7% Minoxidil, 0.15% Finasteride, 1.5% Azelaic Acid, 0.025% Tretinoin, 0.001% Caffeine, and 0.8% ABN Complex. Minoxidil stimulates hair growth, Finasteride blocks DHT, Tretinoin enhances Minoxidil's effectiveness, Azelaic Acid is a natural DHT blocker, Caffeine stimulates hair growth, and the ABN Complex addresses non-genetic hair loss. Maxogen-X is recommended for evening use due to Tretinoin's sensitivity to sunlight. It dries quickly and is less greasy compared to other products, requiring only one application per day. A dropper is included for application, though a sprayer can be purchased separately.

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    $67 / 59 ml (2 oz)

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