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Cotsarelis Interview in Philadelphia City Paper about Follica

22 January 2009 5 Comments

Philadelphia’s City Paper has a small interview with George Cotsarelis of Follica, where he predicts product launch as another Five Years Away, with trials in two to three:

Without pinning himself to a timeline, the good doctor’s estimate for Follica’s treatment looks very possible for launch within the next five years. “It’s impossible to know for sure, but within the next several years — two to three — there’ll be a trial where we’ll use a procedure with the compound to see if it works in humans,” says Cotsarelis. “There will be the usual regulatory stuff after that, so perhaps in four to five years we’ll have something we can offer people.”

link to article

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  • Balding

    Dang! Hurry up! I’m not getting any younger here! LOL

  • Robert

    Follica seems to be the most promising of all the research. I understand its tough to predict when a product will come to market, but why is it that every year I hear its going to be 5 years, then the next year I hear its going to be another 5 years, then another 5 years, then another…… Ive been hearing that with practically every company doing research on this for the past 10 years since I was 31. Id just like to get some sort of ballpark idea of when this will actually, really hit market! If Im going to be 51 when it comes out, I’ll just go for the transplant now instead- Id just like to know so I can make an informed decision as to what to do. I feel like we’re always getting the run around- I feel like a hairless mouse chasing a piece of cheese on a string.

  • hairseeker

    I have been hearing the the “in five years” thing for the past 25 years.

  • hopeless

    it's summer 2010 now and it's still 5 more years

  • Ken

    lmao at follica seems to be the most promising research, they know there product is not viable, which is the reason why there not pursuing thier treatment as heavily as aderans/histogen etc

    personally i think histogen provide the best chance of a cure/treatment BUT that may change after oxford biolabs release more info regarding thier treatment.