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Hair Regrowth via Stem Cell: Follica Video on MSNBC

10 February 2008 16 Comments

MSNBC posted a small segment on Follica. It gives a lay overview of their stem-cell-based hair regrowth technology, including a photo showing full pigmentless regrowth on a mouse.


Follica’s co-founder, George Cotsarelis, is shown predicting a market release “within a few years” under “perfect” circumstances. It is also confirmed that human trials should begin “within the next year or two”.

Link to video on MSNBC’s page

  • http://yahoo.com mumbai takloo

    I think Baldness will cure always next three or four years.In 2011 there is another new Company (after failure of follica)gives hope for baldness cure which’s human trials should begin next year or two & apportunity to market release is within few years.In Mumbai one person who’s name is hakim Nawab Rahim, had got the guaranteed technique for baldness cure. He charges Rs 500000 ($11000).He use only topical powders or lotions.I think this is the technique similar to follica in which WNT Proteins used .

  • http://yahoo.com dinesh

    i need hair transplantation. i am 20 years old, i am just made like a fun thing before my friends. please give me a solution for my baldness

  • http://yahoo.com dinesh

    please reply …………

  • ThorHammer

    Calm yourself. Im 26 and when I was 22 I realized i was losing my hair. Yeah it freaked me out and caused depression galore but you have to realize that hair cloning will come out- but in time.
    They say (and by they i mean the company reps for Intercytex and Hair Follica) that the products will be ready in a few years ( 5 years to be sure last time i checked ) so patience is a must. What I can do for you is advise you to get a job, earn some money, get a doctor’s prescription for Proscar or Propetia and begin taking them once a day until you get hair cloning. I advise you to do this because im doing this and it can save your hair or at least stall the process until a better more permanent solution is met.

  • Randy E Howard

    I very Hopefull I would actually like to partake in this Experimental study if they let me. I wish I knew where to go to sign up. In my condition, when I was about 17 I started relaxing my hair almost every 3 weeks for a whole year just because I wanted it to be straight. I got so frustrated and stressed that I started pulling my hair at the crown. Needless to say My hair started thinning and by 19 There was a small thinned out Bald spot beginning to grow. Later I joined the Marine Core. Dealing with Having to have proper Hygiene I just started shaving my head for the clean look and cleansliness. Having to go to Iraq with 3/8 kilo company we dealt with a lot of marines in hour battalion being killed, so there brought more stress to me in loosing my friends and to my hair. So by the time I got out of the core just a couple months ago in may of 08. There it is You can see the u shape of thinned out hair at the top of my head. Im just happy theres hair there. So I just cut my hair as short as I can with clippers. I can barely go anywhere, Its hard to goto work because Im so self conscious about my hair. Its a major blow to my Personality almost as if I have none. But Im keeping the hope alive for this stem cell technology. I Think about it all the time. So for all those that are in somewhat of the same position or just balding!
    Hang In There. I just pray that its affordable! Please be Affordable… Well Take care

  • Dro

    I started loosing my hair at 22 or so. I had a small (600 grafts) hair transplant when I was around 24. While it has in the long term help with my appearance in the short term it did not. The reason I say it help is because I started using propecia to slow down the hair lose. I grafts I had implanted on the frontal part of my head gives the appearance of having some hair and not completely bald. Over time propecia got to expensive to keep taking, I found a generic (finpecia) at 1/4 of the price. I have been taking it for 7 years now and swear by it. If it was not for finpecia I would be completely bald up top, w/ exception to my 600 grafts :)

    The density you are looking for at your age you will not get from a transplant. If you are to get numerous transplants you will still not get the density and will have a head full of scars which you will not want to shave later.

    I strongly recommend you look at temporary solutions to slow the hair loss process until a more advanced solution such as cloning is available. I just hope the someone delivers a treatment and not a remedy.

  • carl

    When I heard the report form matt lauer, I thought follica was on to something, then i read they are failing? jeez, more promises broken. I would like to know the status of these studies. Is this all just more scamming to get money? propecia, proscar, these drugs will make your junque(genitalia) fall off I heard, and if you are not working down below, who cares about up above, besides business. money is not everything. Who needs that? I also heard it doesn’t really work so well. then there is balayam, no drugs(I am willing to try anything) which is purported to restore hair in six months, no drugs, so what’s to lose besides a little time? I really think, they are blowing smoke up our wazoos. Oh well! unfortunately, desperate people will spend their last buck, and these companies know this. I am just going to eventually shave my head.

  • John Satino

    we have taken this a step further, by removing growth factors and stem cells from your own blood, then injecting these factors into a balding area. This is safe and effective, and we have so far, over three hundred patients on this study.

  • Harshad C Mehta

    my name is ela mehta i am 64 year old my front head follica is completly dead canstem cell threpy regrow my hair

  • Harshad C Mehta

    my wife front head follica is compelety dead .can stem cell therepay regrow her hair .she is 64 year old

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  • Tmcbrayer

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  • Cvsunil80

    hi , i am 31 year old i would like to take this stem cell treatment, please help me i am in bangalore

  • Anonymous

    Seems like a promising solution for hair loss.  I guess I will focus on maintaining what I have until this comes out!

  • http://www.hair-loss-after-pregnancy.com/ Margarett Bell

    I think this is the last resort if women experienced hair loss during and after giving birth, or due to stress and anxiety – Hair is crown of glory and it should be take care.